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Hello everyone!


I’ve been really quiet on this website for the last year. Well, looking at the date of my last update, tomorrow it will be exactly one year since I last posted something here! Wow! That’s not even intentional..


With that craziness aside, let’s get into why it has been so long since you last heard from me.


Well, for the last year and a bit (end of February last year) I’ve worked on some top secret stuff that’s taken all of my attention and kept me very very busy. It’s still keeping me busy, and will be keeping me busy for a long long time still. This will therefore probably be the last post here for some time (again). At least this time I know it and can tell you beforehand.


So, what is this top secret stuff I’ve been working on for the last year?


I have actually created a brand new social network! Woah! Really? Yes, really! Every waking second of my personal life over the last 15 months or so have been spent on this thing, and finally I have reached a point where I feel ready to share it with the world!
So, social network you say? What on earth do we need another social network for?


I’m going to stop you right there. Because this is not just another social network! This is a social network entirely devoted to wildlife and conservation! But please, do not stop reading if you can’t make heads or tails of a sparrow. I have, hopefully, created a website that can be fun for everyone! Okay, I admit, you need to be slightly interested in wildlife to get something out of it, but if you are a wee bit interested, this is the place that will get you hooked and push you out the door into nature! Again, hopefully.. But if you’re reading this here, chances are you’re already into this stuff already and have no need of me persuading you into checking it out.


I am not going to reveal TOO much, as most of the features are listed on the website homepage, and after you register a free profile you’ll get a tour that will take you through the essentials. If you login on a laptop or desktop that is, no tour on mobile I’m afraid.. There’s also an app for it in the Play Store for Android. One for the iPhone App Store will come very soon! Search Wild World Community and you’ll find it!


What I can/will tell you is that you’ll get a profile similar to what you know and love from before. So you’ll find yourself in familiar territory. Then it’s all the other things, the exciting new things, like the adding and sharing of species observations, tick of species on your species lists, write trip reports, and lots more. Go see for yourself!


Here’s what your profile will look like! Lots more is hiding behind those icons and in the top menu!


I have to be clear though, as this is a BRAND NEW social network, a lot of content is not there yet, such as most birds and reptiles in the observations categories and species lists, among other things, but it will all be added with time. Getting birds in are at the very top of my list and will take time! (I’m already underway, with all diurnal birds of prey now present for starters). All mammals are in there already, so you’ll have that to play around with. Let’s see how many observations we can add together within the next month! Competition people! Fight for that top spot! Or not.. Whatever floats your boat. However, bear in mind that adding species observation is not something to be taken lightly.. Do not add species threatened by poaching and trafficking, especially in high risk areas, and do not add nest sites, ever! Keeping wildlife safe is of utmost importance! Still, the adding of species observations are of great importance for wildlife conservation and research, so everything you do and can add will actively help conservation in the long run.


Becoming a member at this time means you will be among the very first to sign up, which gives you a role that’s a lot more than just another member! You’ll actually be helping with the creation of the network itself! You will be among the few that helped shape and perfect it to what it eventually becomes! You will do this by signing up as a free member and begin testing out the site for yourself. Then I’d like you to send feedback on anything and everything. Come with suggestions for improvement, tell me what you think of the subscription prices (very important), let me know how the app works, and last, but not least, tell me every time you come across something that doesn’t work or desperately needs improvement! All feedback is received through the letter in the down right corner of the website.


Also, since this is a community based website, a lot of the crucial content is supposed to be added by YOU, the people, and since there’s no one there doing anything yet, there’s also less to see. I have everything set up for you to take action and participate from the get go. So, add your friends, share it to the world and be part of the few pioneers that helped Wild World Community off the ground!


For being a kind and helpful early bird, the first 500 members will get a free upgrade to the Pro Membership! This includes features such as your own blog, create portfolio for your photos or add wildlife projects you want crowdfunded. Be quick about it!


Almost forgot! Here’s the link:


See you on the other side!

Håvard Rosenlund

Wildlife lover, researcher and conservationist.

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