About Me

My name is Håvard Rosenlund and I am a Norwegian guy in his late twenties with a love for wildlife, travel, conservation and photography. I have a Master’s degree on African elephant genetics, which I obtained through research in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, and I lived and worked for two years in South Africa, where I first volunteered before researching the beautiful, but elusive leopards for a PhD.

My experiences in Africa changed my life and gave me a new understanding and love for the natural world and all of its inhabitants. As my time researching the leopards was coming to a close, I had finally found my passion and purpose in life. My future was not to become a researcher, but to become a teacher, a mouthpiece, and an ambassador for wildlife by sharing my own experiences, my own love for wildlife and all the fantastic creatures I’d come across in nature. For this purpose, this website was born.

Håvard Rosenlund

My aim with this website is to share wildlife experiences, travel advice and guidance for fellow wildlife lovers, and funny, interesting and thought provoking stories from the world’s wildest places. As a pet project on the side, which is quite a big one I might add, I plan to add info, status and conservation projects (if there are any) on all the species I come across and photograph. Every species I list will be of a species I have come across myself and photographed in the wild, but I will not add species where I deem my photos unfit for public eyes. I will not be cheating with zoos, I swear! At least not unless I have seen that animal in the wild already and my photos weren’t all that. The list, if you’re interested, can be found on the homepage.

I’d like to call myself a wildlife travel blogger, but as you can see from my website, I haven’t really travelled that much yet, but it is on the cards. When and where I’ll go depends on funds and support. Until I’m out there in the grand world doing what I will be doing, I am sharing experiences from my time in Africa and adding more species to my list, as well as trying to find myself some wildlife here in Norway, which is quite a task in and of itself. In the end I do hope that through this website I might nurture people’s love for wildlife and peak their interest in nature travels, as well as inform and teach people about these wonderful creatures we share our planet with and do my part to help conserve them.